2018 Psychopharmacology - Group Recordings Only

The organization will identify a Moderator to convene a group (of up to 25 participants) into a single space for each session, logging in from a single computer which may be displayed using an LCD projector. Moderators will access the case abstract and metric to distribute via email for each session. All sessions must be purchased in this 6-set package.

Recorded sessions are available the very same day that each live session is conducted and are available 24/7 for 18 months from the enrollment date.

By purchasing this subscription, I affirm that all of the participants in the 2018 Psychopharmacology Series will be reminded that the content discussed and distributed is confidential and is only provided as part of this case-based training experience. All communications should be viewed as “Privileged Communication” unless otherwise specified. I also understand that content provided about the NMT Clinical Practice Tools, Report and Functional Brain Map are subject to Copyright and may not be copied, adapted, redistributed or distributed beyond their immediate clinical team or used in any way without specific, written permission by The ChildTrauma Academy. I understand that the live sessions will be recorded and distributed by Billings Clinical Project ECHO and the CTA for educational purposes. My purchase of this subscription (on behalf of my organization) acknowledges this understanding and indicates I/we accept the conditions as described herein.