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Stand Alone Titles
Early Childhood & Brain Development
Relational Poverty
What We Have Always Known

Series 1: Understanding Traumatized and Maltreated Children
S1 Prog 1 Challenging Our Beliefs
S1 Prog 2 The Amazing Human Brain
S1 Prog 3 How the Brain Develops
S1 Prog 4 Neglect
S1 Prog 5 The Fear Response
S1 Prog 6 Liv/Work w Traumatized Children
S1 Prog 7 Violence and Childhood

Series 2: The Six Core Strengths for Healthy Childhood Development
S2 Prog 1 Developing Potential
S2 Prog 2 Attachment
S2 Prog 3 Self Regulation
S2 Prog 4 Affiliation
S2 Prog 5 Attunement
S2 Prog 6 Tolerance
S2 Prog 7 Respect

Series 3: The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics
S3 Prog 1 Neurodevelopment Lens
S3 Prog 2 The Response to Threat
S3 Prog 3 Memory and Processing
S3 Prog 4 Neurosociology: Relational Neurobiology
S3 Prog 5 Neglect
S3 Prog 6 NMT Principles
S3 Prog 7 Clinical Applications of the NMT
S3 Prog 8 FAQs

Series 1, 2 and 3 are also sold as sets below:

Series 1: The Complete 7 Part Series for $549
Series 2: The Complete 7 Part Series for $549
Series 3: The Complete 8 Part Series for $649
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