RECORDINGS: 2014 Winter Advanced NMT Series

There are ten training sessions in the 2014 Winter Advanced NMT Series.

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Session 1: NMT Clinical Treatment Process: Client 1 Alexander Youth Network (Charlotte, NC)

Session 2: Cost of Caring: Secondary Trauma - NMT Case Presentation

Session 3: NMT Clinical Treatment Process: Client 2 Mount Saint Vincent Home (Denver, CO)

Session 4: Transgenerational Trauma: Focus on Indigenous Populations - NMT Case Presentation

Session 5: NMT Clinical Treatment Process: Client 3 Sandhill Child Development Center (Los Lunas, NM)

Session 6: Advances in Neuroimaging: Clinical Implications - NMT Case Presentation

Session 7: NMT Clinical Treatment Process: Client 4 Cal Farley’s (Amarillo, TX)

Session 8: NMT Clinical Treatment Process: Client 5 Take Two Berry Street (Melbourne, AU)

Session 9: Outcomes and Research Overview in the Use of NMT - NMT Case Presentation

Session 10: Cross-cultural challenges in working with maltreated children - NMT Case Presentation


The 2014 Advanced NMT Case-Based Training Series is a clinical case conference series led by Dr. Bruce Perry and attended by participants via the Internet.

Our Advanced Series highlights the implementation of the Neurosequential Model by CTA Flagship Sites. Sites presented clients who have entered their clinical system, been assessed using the NMT Metrics and are treated using an NMT-guided treatment process. This opportunity to see the actual course of treatment is a significant enhancement to the previous more introductory NMT Case-based series. It allows more detailed discussion of the use of the NMT Clinical Practice Tools to create intake metric reports, create recommendations, design treatment plans, and track progress and outcomes.

Five sessions use the traditional NMT Case-based teaching model. Each of these sessions begin with a 10 to 15 minute didactic on a specific topic; this is followed by a clinical case discussion presented by a guest clinical team. This clinical case presentation provides an opportunity to model the use of the NMT in the clinical problem-solving process.

NOTE: Participants must have completed at least one NMT Case-based Series to enroll in this Advanced Series. If no pre-requisite course has been completed yet, please contact Jana Rosenfelt at 281 932-1375 to discuss.

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