RECORDINGS: 2015 Advanced Clinical Practice & Translational Neuroscience Series - Brandt

This inaugural Advanced Clinical Practice and Translational Neuroscience Series consists of five 90-minute sessions and three intro. sessions.

Each of the five 90-minute sessions, featuring Dr. Kristie Brandt and hosted by Dr. Bruce Perry, include a clinical case discussion and the integration of the NMT and Dr. Kristie Brandt’s Tile and Grout approach and the Mobius Care model. There is an emphasis on practical application and specific therapeutic intervention.

Also included are three previously recorded introductory sessions to orient participants to 1) the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT); 2) the NMT Metrics (which are used in the clinical case discussions) and 3) the Mobius Care Models and Tile & Grout Approach.

There are a total of 8 sessions (12 training hours).

2015 Schedule

Session 1: February 6

Session 2: March 13 -- RESCHEDULED TO July 17

Session 3: April 3

Session 4: May 1

Session 5: June 5

Session 2: July 17

NOTE: No pre-requisite courses are needed to attend. Participants new to NMT should first view the three extra (recorded) sessions for background/foundation.

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