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Transition Tools for Children: Photo Books

Photo Books are simple, hands-on activities that help to reduce children's anticipatory anxiety around new experiences and change. Children love assembling their Photo Books -- and in doing so, prepare themselves to transition to their new school, new home or new experience!

Based on neurodevelopmental principles, these photo albums give children a chance to become familiar with the new faces and places they will see BEFORE that first day. By the time that first day arrives (be it school, a new home or a new destination), new faces and settings will feel more familiar. Right from the start, children will feel calmer and more confident -- essentially ready to take full advantage of what's to come!

There are three types of Photo Books:

"My New School"

"My New Home"

"My Trip"

Each keepsake photo album includes specific questions designed to get children talking about the experience as well as suggested activities to help ease their transition.

My New SchoolMy New School
My New School E-Book!My New School E-Book!
My New HomeMy New Home
My Trip Photo BookMy Trip Photo Book